The Experience

"So while you are living in these times, remember there are only so many of them and when they are gone, you will yearn for just one more day of them. For one last time."

When you commission a portrait session with Jacquelene Miller Photography you are not simply having your portraits captured, you are taking part in an experience. The experience can be profound. I will create artwork that tells the story of a magical childhood, of an unbreakable bond between parent and child, and of a story that contains your unique and beautiful truth. At the end of our experience together your family will have: Awe-inspiring photographs, a cherished memory and a renewed appreciation for your loved ones and yourself.

My focus is on the relationships children have (whether with oneself, their siblings or their parents) that create a space for them to flourish. Telling a family's story, documenting a moment in time and giving those memories to my clients is my great joy.

Before Your Session

We will chat together about your hopes for your portraits, about the personality of your children and family, and about what this chapter of your lives holds in this moment. After learning more about you and your children we will plan out a session that speaks to you personally. Session planning includes choosing your perfect time and location, discussing dress and make-up styling, guiding you through what to expect for our time together and going over any details you have questions about. 

During The Session

Many of the families I photograph later tell me "that was such a special day for us." The session is meant to capture your real personalities and emotions, focusing on your family in a present and natural way. There is no expectation that your children need smile on cue or sit rigidly together, though I will provide you with gentle direction in the beginning of our session, coupled with a few prompting questions to help you to relax and feel connected to your family. As we progress through your session I will move more toward being an observer behind the lens, capturing the beauty of your family in candid moments. The outing will be light-hearted, playful and without distraction, and my hope is that you leave your session feeling a great sense of closeness to each person in your family.

After The Session

After the session, you will be provided with a personal gallery where you will view the best portraits from our time together, and see for yourself the unique magic of your children and family expressed in tangible form.

You will have the opportunity to select your favourite portraits and from there we will create artwork for your family's home. This may be a fine art print collection, a digital portrait collection or an heirloom album. During your selection dates I am available to help you decide how you may wish to display your art pieces in your home and to assist you in curating your final portrait collection. 

Once your artwork is complete it will be beautifully gift wrapped and delivered to your home so you may enjoy it for a lifetime.