I’m Jacquelene, a Canadian childhood and family photographer based in Calgary, Alberta. It’s my job to capture the essence of families as they grow and meet milestones, helping them tell their story as it unfolds. 

As a wife and mother of two, I have plenty of practice navigating the range of emotion life brings with it. I am so privileged to have experienced the sheer awe that comes with giving birth to amazing babies, to feel the joy in hearing my children laughing together, and to have the comfort of small arms hugging me tightly every night at bedtime. I have also experienced the stresses of sleepless nights that comes with a newborn, and the tears and tantrums that early childhood brings with it, but I count myself beyond lucky for having this full human experience. 

My Style

Modern Lifestyle is how I approach photography. I don’t want you to smile for the sake of smiling, I want to capture you enjoying the people you are closest to, in a space that is personal to you. Let’s let your children run wildly in the woods near your home or pretend to be garden faeries dancing in the summer light. We will capture the authentic beauty of your family.

Having studied fine arts at the Alberta College of Art and Design and in history for my BA from the University of Calgary, I find value in capturing your unique time and place in your portrait session, while making sure to document ‘you’ in them.